Car Parks & Shopping Centres


Shopping Centres and Car Parks can be a dangerous place. With a combination of wide open areas and very crowded areas, all within the same parking lot, it is easy for careless drivers and pedestrians to make mistakes. One mistake you won’t have to worry about with Spring Return Signposts and Spring Return Bollards is the damage currently caused when reckless drivers plow into your traditional signposts or bollards. JMB Manufacturing has the solution with our low maintenance Spring Return Product range. Reducing both installation and vehicle damage.

Here are just a couple of our JMB customers…

  • Orion Springfield - Qld
  • Westgate Shopping Centre - Vic
  • IKEA - Canada

Fixed bollards and signposts in the middle of a parking lot don’t make sense and if someone hits that bollard or post, they can expect a lot of damage. Why not protect yourself and your customers with an impact resistant system that is safe for everyone! JMB's galvanized steel construction can hold up under almost any conditions. If a reckless driver hits a Spring Return Bollard or Signpost it will simply yield and then return to vertical! So forget about replacing signpost after signpost or bollard after bollard, JMB's Spring Return range of flexible posts and Bollards has you covered!