Government & Airports


Governments and Airports are the largest infrastructures in the country. Governments are not only in charge of roads but are also in charge of everything including; public parking lots, to municipal parking lots, to park parking lots. Airports see high vehicle traffic all a year both externally in carparks and drop off locations but also internally on the tarmac. These locations require a lot of organisation and designation, but also require safety precautions for all whom use these services. We spend so much time worrying about how to make everything inside safer, why not make your parking lots and tarmac’s safer?

Here are just a few of our JMB customers…

  • Heathrow Airport (UK)
  • Changi Airport (Singapore)
  • Vancouver Airport  (Canada)
  • Gold Coast City Council (Aus)
  • Carpentaria Shire Council (Aus)

JMB’s Spring Return Signposts and Bollards have a great track record for use both in carparks and on the airport tarmac. Our products are not only safe for vehicles, but also eliminate tripping hazards due to concrete and rubber parking stops. Many people get injured and even sue when there is a tripping incident over parking stops. Spring Return Signposts and Spring Return Bollards are a safer an alternative to the dangerous parking fixtures of the past. A Spring Return product can be installed in front of any parking spot in asphalt, concrete, and natural ground. Because it is flexible it can withstand cars bumping into it, and the cars can also withstand the impact – no damage for either party. A spring Return Signpost or Bollard is installed upright completely absolving any risk of tripping over wheel stops. You can get a flexible signpost, flexible bollard or a combination of both for any of your signage needs! Lose the danger in your parking lot and on your tarmac today… get Spring Return Signposts and Bollards!