Schools & Universities


Schools and Universities both require a lot of signage. Not just handicap signage but everything from faculty signage and service vehicle signage to 10 minute parking and designation signage. This can pose a lot of problems for parking areas not adjacent to a wall or building. Schools and Universities also typically have maintenance staff that would benefit from eliminating the need to deal with damaged signposts. With JMB’s Spring Return product range now there is! Easy installation and generally no further maintenance required!

Here are just a couple of our JMB customers…

  • UQ (Qld)
  • QUT (Qld)

JMB’s Spring Return Signposts and Spring Return Bollards have made life easier for many. If a post gets damaged at all, any of the pieces to Spring Return Signpost or Bollard System are easily replaceable and interchangeable. So stop wasting time and money and put a stop to the old headaches of yesterday’s parking lots, Install JMB’s Spring Return product Solutions today!