About JMB Manufacturing and our Company Philosophies

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JMB Manufacturing’s objective is to design, develop and provide a range of environmentally sustainable road safety products that deliver both ongoing cost savings to our customers and genuine Road Safety Improvements. All JMB patented products are designed by JMB inhouse. JMB has over 30 years of experience in product design and manufacturing, and we are 100% Australian Owned.

At JMB we are committed to ensuring all our road safety products provide a true value proposition to all stakeholders using our roads. The philosophies are embedded into our products.

JMB’s patented Spring Return Products are designed to deliver secondary sustainability benefits which also help our customers lower their own environmental impacts.

Such as:

  • Reduced Site Attendance  - means reduced replacement costs, reduced fuel consumptions, reduced pollution and reduced risk of worker harm
  • Reduced Site Damage – means the yielding nature of the Spring Return Sign Post do not transmit large forces into the ground fixing. Sites do not need to be continually repaired.
  • Increased Road Safety – means reduced damage potential  to vehicles and drivers

JMB’s newest range of Turn and Lock™ products offer unprecedented versatility as well as delivering the product quality you would expect from JMB. The new Turn and Lock™ connection system delivers installation simplicity combined with the ability to Mix’n’Match different posts elements with different mounting elements. The same Turn and Lock™ signpost can be mounted in Lane Division Island one day and then in a Portable Base at a work site the next day. Returning value from you purchase.

Here at JMB we believe in taking responsibility for controlling our own impact on the planets resources. We “walk the talk” by using sustainable environmentally friendly operating practices, sustainable materials and continually working toward a goal of zero environmental impact on our planet.

All JMB products where possible are made from materials that are 100% recyclable, and therefore have no impact on land fill. At JMB we maintain this philosophy through all operating aspects of our company